Writing and Digital Project Portfolio 

Nearly every aspect of my life has an online component. Those pages and accounts act as portals through which I organize collaborators, volunteers, and fans to action on projects from building a mini golf course out of cardboard to meeting with Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy to talk about Immigration and Customs Enforcement in central Iowa.  

Below is a selection of my projects. Click on a link to visit related supporting documents.


RESIST! Volume 1 was a special-edition zine published by Desert Island Comics in response to the 2016 election. I spearheaded Midwestern distribution, which utilized a social media campaign through Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, and my personal MailChimp account.

Through these platforms I met my fundraising goal, coordinated 30 volunteers to help distribute copies in their cities, and successfully moved 5,000 copies into the hands of readers in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


Market Day

Market Day is downtown Des Moines' longest running indie craft fair. Founded in 2009, the event has grown from 20 vendors and 100 shoppers in a dusty warehouse to hosting 65 vendors twice a year and garnering corporate sponsorship from the Des Moines Register and CateringDSM.

I am the lead of our small team of three, and my responsibilities include designing, writing, and maintaining our website at www.marketdayiowa.com. Nowadays the talented Andrew Kingsbury runs our Twitter and Facebook stream, though we work together on content generation.

Our social media plan includes a strong newsletter which I plan and execute. Our subscribers number more than 2,000, and our open rate averages over 29%. Our most popular blast last year was simple, but boasted an open rate of over 45%, received many comments, and helped draw people to our Black Friday Market (an attendance of more than 3,000).


I've run many a blog. I still run blogs. But for a glorious stretch of time from 2010-2012, I was the Managing Editor of Offbeat Home, sister site to Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Bride. While there, I helped shape the content we published, grew a huge base of readers (25,000+!) and published three posts a day, five days a week.

I officially authored 535 posts, but I solicited and edited thousands more.